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Foraging in the Tropics E-Book

The Tropics present one of the most varied of all regions of the world and include everything from tropical rainforest to arid deserts and open savannah. In every case these present the tropical forager with many types of habitat and ecosystems from which to harvest edible wild plants and fruits. In desert and, to a much lesser extent, savannah, pickings can be meagre. On the other hand tropical primary rainforest (jungle) and also secondary rainforest offer a very large range of edible plants.

WILD FOOD SCHOOL has put together a FREE 98 page E-Book on the subject for you to download from this page.

Foraging in the Tropics

Foraging in the Tropics Foraging in the Tropics

Learn more about tropical foods with the Wild Food School FORAGING in the TROPICS E-book Foraging_in_the_Tropics-WFSUSA.pdf - appx. 8Mb. (To download right click the filename left and Save)

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