Wild Food School USA ™

About Wild Food School

The Wild Food School USA Distance Learning course is devised by ethno-botanist Marcus Harrison (no relation to Marcus Harrison of the NFL's Chicago Bears team) a leading wild food expert, who has had an interest in edible wild foods and their uses for more than 35 years, and has written half a dozen cookbook-guides on the subject.

Not a classically trained botanist Marcus was brought up on a farm until his late teens, learning about plants through hands-on experience, and still retained an interest in a family farm until quite recently. He has an instinctive feel for the land, how it ticks, and what natural foodstuffs a terrain can offer the hungry forager.

Regularly asked by television production companies for advice, Marcus has given talks on wild foods at major national botanical institutions, homesteader groups, whilst working alongside chefs keen to explore new tastes and textures, as well as running hands-on courses for the general public. He has written numerous articles on wild / survival foods for wildcrafting and survival skills magazines. More recently he briefed Armed Forces SERE professionals on options for one of the current operational theaters.


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