Wild Food School USA ™

Wild Food Distance Learning Course

Module 1 eases the student gently into the disciplines of foraging the wild foods of North America, helps you understand safe and sustainable foraging, and majors on around 30 edible wild plant species, along with historical data on their uses (some dating back many centuries). There are some exciting recipes and food ideas for cooking most of these wild edibles, whether it's round the campfire or using them as kitchen ingredients.

There's a coursework manual that includes US species distribution charts plus an accompanying CD-ROM that features photographs of the plants and introduces the student to another batch to be covered in Module 2 which also covers yet more plants from the edible wild (in the summer / mid-year period), plus a section on constructing some outdoor cooking facilities / techniques, and a second coursework manual. There are some screen shots of the CD-ROM content at the bottom of this page. For the main species covered, check-boxes provide you with a structured course format.

Further modules will expand on the species covered in each of the three periods providing a structure that hopefully doesn't overwhelm the student (the US has hundreds of edible wild plant species and trying to learn about them all at once can be daunting). Initially the modules will cover the more temperate climate species. The CD-ROMs also include species distribution data for folks over the border in Canada.

Cost per module incl. S&H $30.00.
Or $40 for both when purchased together
- a saving of $20.

It's fun!   It will get you reconnected with nature.
And it will give you a whole new perspective on the foods you eat. Don't miss out!

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